Better customer advocacy improves sales and also reduces advertising
Your customers are your biggest and most valuable
They are your voice in the global market. They are constantly talking about the experience to friends, relatives, and anyone who reads their posts. Building Brand advocacy means optimizing the chances of your customers having positive conversations about your company because today brand perception and delivery is becoming all important for the survival of any business. Standing out from the crowd in a positive way makes it more likely that a business will secure opportunities from competition. With social media and online networking now an entrenched part of our marketing landscape, the key to building emotional investment is to engage consumers on a one-to-one basis and building brand advocacy. Invest in getting to know your demographic. What interests and motivates people of your target age group, gender, income level and so on? How do they spend their time? What do they like? It also means in adding to your brand value and brand strength subtly and surrogately in the market. And that’s what we at HeroBPO practice
How do we help you build advocacy?
It starts with a thorough market research and discovery of your promoters, detractors and influencers are. Followed up by finding the reason behind their opinions and how it can be improved upon. Brand advocacy also has a direct impact on not just sales but also on the advertising spends of your company.
Our expertise will:
  • Discover what your customers are saying about you, analyze why and adapting our service to encourage advocacy
  • Track how your customers view you, using Net Promoter Score (NPS) or social sentiment then work with you to improve your ratings
  • With time help build and Over time, build and nurture your brands reputation.
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